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"We make tastebuds happy."

Tondria Simon-Allen was a visionary who took her time to become a self made entrepreneur. She became a business owner at 18 and never looked back. Tondria was one of the best hairstylist/owner in Baltimore City. As she saw the beauty salon business changing, she began her real passion. Tondria became a chef and was totally concerned about providing healthy food to the African American community.

Tondria opened Celestial Cafe in 2016 with the idea of bringing her families’ best recipes to the forefront of the Baltimore real food movement. At Celestial Café, we specialize in using farm fresh ingredients and old fashioned techniques to create home cooked meals that are delicious, healthful and oh so satisfying.

As private chefs, we can be hired to cater family meals and intimate events. We pool our resources to create awesome meals for medium to large size private and corporate events. Today, her family continues to
 keep her dream alive. 

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